New Student Registration

COVID-19 Registration Information

Appointment Format:

  • PSEO Students: Zoom (online) appointments; Students may request an in-person appointment
  • Engineering Students: All in-person (on campus) appointments, except the March 30 appointments, which will be on Zoom (online)
  • All Other Students: Choice of Zoom (online) or in-person (on campus) appointments

*Availability of on-campus appointments subject to change.

Placement Test Not Required:

  • Due to COVID-19, new students are no longer required to take the Accuplacer placement test. Please use the form below to schedule your appointment.

Transcript Needed:

  • IMPORTANT: Please email an unofficial copy of your most recent high school transcript to if you have not already requested that your school send it. Your advisor will use your transcript to help determine the level of courses you should start with.

More information will be emailed to you prior to your registration appointment to help you prepare for a successful registration.

New Students
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All Engineering appointments will be held in person on campus, beginning with a small group session, unless you are not able to come to campus.
Some students do NOT need to take the Placement Test. See below to determine if you are exempt.
If you do not know your GPA or do not have a GPA, please enter 0.00