A message to our community regarding George Floyd

June 04, 2020

We see you. We care about you. We are here for you. Inclusion and equity are of the utmost importance to Itasca Community College. Racism, or any other form of discrimination, are simply not tolerated by ICC. Our hearts are heavy for the communities impacted most by the events happening around the country.

If you need a safe place to process your grief, anger, sadness, or anything else, please know that we have a caring team here to listen. Please call us at 218-322-2320 to schedule an appointment with a counselor, who can be there for you, and also refer you to other resources in the community.

A Statement from Chancellor Malhotra

"My heart is heavy for communities today. We are all impacted by the death of Mr. Floyd. For those promoted by grief and anger, who are working peacefully to effect change in our communities, remember the Minnesota State community is with you. My thoughts go out to also the residents impacted by the unrest. Times like these require unity and strong resolve. We must work together to strengthen our connection and commit all of our efforts to addressing longstanding societal ills and help create places we not only take pride in, but where we can all feel safe, valued, and respected."

Devinder Malhotra, Chancellor
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

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