Student Senate

General Information

  • Student Senators are given many opportunities to have a voice in the governing of the student body.
  • Meetings are held once every two weeks usually in Johnson 112.
  • The Dean of Students, Rick Kangas, and the Student Life Director, Kayley Schoonmaker, are both non-chair committee that attend every meeting so the Student Senators have direct communication with Itasca Community College Faculty.
  • Provost Bart Johnson is tabling at least twice this school year with the Student Senate, giving the group an opportunity to share any of their concerns, comments, or suggestions.
  • The president meets once a month with the provost to discuss any student concerns or projects.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, November 24, 2020. 12:00-1:00pm in Johnson Hall 112 OR on zoom. Hope to see you there!

Student Senate Group


  • Attend LeadMN conferences
  • Help plan New Student Center
  • Plan fun events for the ICC student body.
  • Meet with President of the Northeast Higher Education District
  • Volunteer together


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Mission & Constitution

Mission Statement: The purpose of the ICCSS shall be to have all the legislative responsibilities of the student body, to allow student representation in the affairs of the college. The ICCSS is responsible for representing and informing students about campus decisions. Its members initiate campus activities and meet with faculty members and/or administrators to exchange views on campus issues.


Student Senate Officers

  • President: Eva Kangas
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Public Relation Coordinator: Faith Romanek
  • Student Life Director: Ryan Happy
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Other committee: Lucas Jones, Matthew Elrick, Sarah Kessler, Esteban Paulino
  • Advisor: Rick Kangas
  • Director of Student Life: Kayley Schoonmaker