COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

Last Updated March 30, 2020

Classes Resume Monday, March 30
Most Courses Going Online - See D2L Brightspace for information on each course from your instructor

Technology Help During COVID-19
Direct Support & Resources

Technology Help for Students

Student Guides

Text and video guides for D2L Brightspace, Zoom, Kaltura MediaSpace, and Office 365 are available at the Minnesota State Student Technology Help Site.

One Phone Number = Many People Ready to Help:

Students can call 1-844-456-3876 for direct support. Students will receive immediate assistance or be guided through the process to submit a ticket for more complex issues. Information about areas of assistance and extended hours can be found at the Minnesota State Student Technology Help Site and noted below.

Areas of Assistance

StarID, D2L Brightspace, Kaltura MediaSpace, Zoom, Office 365 (Teams, Skype, Stream, Email)

Days of Operation Hours
Monday-Thursday 7:00 a.m. - Midnight
Friday 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday ​11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Classes will resume on Monday, March 30th. Most courses will transition to a virtual or online format for the remainder of the spring semester. A limited number of specific courses in the Natural Resources and Practical Nursing programs will have specific on-ground learning activities. Our primary concern continues to be the safety of our students, employees, and the public. It is for this reason that distance learning will be implemented for the remainder of the semester and why students are encouraged to consider the best living arrangements for the remainder of the semester.

At this time, students should do the following:

  • Identify Access to Technology: Courses will be utilizing a combination of D2L, e-mail, ZOOM, and/or other virtual online formats. Students will need a device and internet access to completed these courses. The college will have limited access to on-campus computers in Johnson Hall 117. Email for more information.
  • Consider housing plans and living arrangements: If you live in ICC on-campus housing, you should consider whether moving home or remaining in housing is the best option for you. All students should give due consideration to where you live for the remainder of the semester in regards to your health and which option is more conducive to social distancing.
  • Access D2L Brightspace for Your Course Specific Information: Each instructor will be posting (and messaging) directly to each class the information on how the course will be completed.
  • Sign-up for StarAlert Text Messages if not already receiving texts from Itasca.

Refund Policies & Procedures

On-campus Housing Refunds

Communication regarding housing refunds and the specific processes have been communicated directly to housing students.

Students with current housing contracts, that were residing in ICC housing spring semester as of March 16, 2020, will be eligible for a prorated housing refund representing the percentage of their spring semester room rate from March 16, 2020 through the completion of the spring semester. In order to be eligible for a refund, students must:

Complete the college checkout process, including cleaning of their room and return of keys, on or before April 8th, 2020. Students who believe they should have some exception to this policy due to safety or security concerns must have college approval coordinated through Director of Residential Living, Weldon Braxton. (All questions regarding Residence hall refunds are directed to Weldon Braxton)

See the Residential Living page for more information.

Food Service Refunds.

At this time, food services will continue in a limited capacity. Students can request a refund of their remaining balances between now and April 8th. Specific instructions have been communicated directly to students with meal plans. All questions regarding Food Service refunds should be directed to Rick Kangas.

Tuition and Fees (no refunds)

Although the delivery mode of courses and the way services are being delivered are changing as a result of this unprecedented situation, Itasca Community College has established a path to allow students to complete their spring semester 2020. As such, upon completion of the semester, students will receive credit for completing their courses.There are no tuition/fee refunds.

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COVID-19 Emergency Notification
From Minnesota State - March 20, 2020

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Due to the fast development of the COVID-19 all of us need to take all necessary precautions regardless of confirmed cases in any particular area.

As you know, we can protect ourselves and others by:

  • Washing your hands often with soap and water; covering your cough and sneeze; avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Practicing self-care by eating a healthy diet and taking time to rest
  • Frequently cleaning all commonly touched surfaces
  • Avoiding large gatherings
  • Staying home if you are sick

If you feel ill, please contact your healthcare provider or local medical services before visiting in person or going to the hospital emergency room. In addition, the Minnesota Department of Health recommends:

  1. Patient should stay at home until after:
    1. 3 days (72 hours) from when fever has subsided without the use of fever reducing-medication and an improvement in symptoms like cough or shortness of breath, AND
    2. 7 days have passed from onset of symptoms
  2. Use the CDC website on How to Care For Yourself at Home with COVID-19.
  3. No need to quarantine household or college contacts.
    1. However, monitor health and limit interactions with the public as much as possible for 14 days and adhere to social distancing.
    2. Use the CDC website for How to Minimize Spread.

Additional Information

Athletics: Effective immediately, all aspects of spring sports have been canceled and the athletic facilities will be closed until further notice.

Campus Buildings: At this time, the ICC campus is open by appointment only during regular hours Monday-Friday.

Commencement: Minnesota State announced last week that in-person graduation commencement activities at all colleges will be canceled. Itasca Community College will explore other options to recognize this important milestone and other spring recognition events.

Class Registration: ICC counselors and advisors have been in contact with students to make arrangements for Fall 2020 class registration. Call Student Services at 218-322-2320 to make a phone/online appointment with your advisor.

Housing Applications: On campus housing contracts are still available through e-services for Fall Semester 2020.

The Spring sports season has been cancelled by the NJCAA. For Itasca, this includes basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball.

Minnesota State has canceled all gatherings and events totaling more than 50 attendees until May 1.This approach will be reviewed and adjusted as new information emerges.

Minnesota State has suspended all out-of-state business-related travel for students, faculty and staff, effective Monday, March 16. Any needed exemptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

All international travel related to Minnesota State including study abroad programs and any other activities involving faculty, staff, and students has also been suspended. Campus leaders have been directed to mitigate the cost attributed to the suspension of international travel and work to ease the impact of this decision on our students.

Minnesota State-Related Travel

Minnesota State suspended all school and business-related international travel effective February 28.

In addition, we are now suspending all out-of-state business travel for students, faculty, and staff, effective March 16.For in-state travel or other events, please carefully assess, along with supervisors, the conditions of destination communities to carefully consider the potential risks to yourself, participants, fellow students, families, and friends. Event hosts and coordinators should also be engaged in this assessment. If you choose to travel, ensure you have essential items you might need if you are not able to return immediately, such as medications, laptops, or other items needed to continue your studies.

Campus Cleanliness

The cleanliness of our campuses is a key element in keeping our faculty, staff, and students healthy.The facilities and maintenance teams at all the campuses are adhering to updated guidance from the CDC to ensure comfortable and safe campuses within which to learn.

Minnesota Department of Health

Should a case of COVID-19 occur on a campus, the Minnesota Department of Health will confirm the case and lead efforts to identify all those who were in contact with the ill person and give further instructions.If you are concerned that you have been exposed, please self-quarantine and contact your doctor, your campus’s student services to alert them, as well as your faculty to ensure you are able to keep up with class assignments.

The diversity of our student body and employees is one of our greatest strengths. As such, we are committed to ensuring welcoming and supportive campus environments for all of our students, faculty, and staff. It is vitally important we work together, follow the practices recommended by public health officials, and proceed with preparedness, calm, and understanding.

Please continue to watch this page for daily updates about Itasca's status and plans.

Minnesota State Specific Guidance & Information
Itasca Community College is a member of Minnesota State

We are working closely with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and are conveying their information and guidance related to COVID-19 to our colleges and universities. MDH and Minnesota State are working to develop regular communication channels to proactively address school-related topics with regard to COVID-19.

Information that MDH is making available for schools, colleges and universities is available at

The latest information on the Minnesota State response to the COVID-19 outbreak is available at Information specific to each of the 30 colleges and seven universities of Minnesota State is also being published on their websites.

To date, there have been no positive cases of COVID-19 reported at any Minnesota State college or university or at the system office.

We are encouraging students and employees to practice respiratory (coughing and sneezing) etiquette and hand hygiene, and to stay at home when sick. We are also encouraging supervisors and faculty to be flexible with employees and students who are sick, expressing symptoms of respiratory issues, or caring for family members to the maximum extent possible.

When did the international travel suspension for Minnesota State-related business travel for students, faculty, or staff become effective?

The suspension became effective Friday, February 28, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. central standard time and impacted all international Minnesota State-related business travel for students, faculty, or staff at that time. There is no specific end date for the suspension, however, the suspension policy is being reviewed on a recurring basis.

What countries or locations are not included under the chancellor’s suspension of international travel?

The international travel suspension does not limit Minnesota State-related travel to the U.S. Territories including Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, U. S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. Given its proximity, Minnesota State-related travel to Canada will be reviewed on a case by case basis. There is no limit on domestic travel to include travel to Hawaii or Alaska. The suspension policy will be reviewed and updated on an as needed basis.

How long is the suspension of international travel?

While the international travel suspension policy is being reviewed on an as needed basis, there is no specific end date for the suspension. Those with Minnesota State-related international travel planned for the future should be in contact with their carriers and destination or hosts on cancellation or change polices and alternatives or options, given the circumstances.

How does the suspension impact those traveling to Minnesota State institutions from international locations (Examples: guest speakers, candidates, potential students, family members)?

There is no limit or restriction on those traveling from international locations to Minnesota State colleges, universities, or the Minnesota State system office. They will be subject to the protocols in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) depending on where they are coming from.

What if I paid a service charge to my college/university or to a third party for a study abroad experience that was canceled?

Itasca Community College students who had enrolled in the Denmark study abroad program will not be held financially responsible for any required trip costs. Minnesota State is working in close partnership with its 37 colleges and universities with the goal of easing potential impact on students. Individuals who prepaid for their international trip should contact their college/university representative to seek guidance.

For questions or concerns, contact:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Campus Contact

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