Writing Center

The Writing Center is located within the library at Itasca Community College. Our main goal is to advance the development of students as writers by engaging with the writing process at any stage, in any discipline, while enhancing faculty efforts to use writing as an effective and vital teaching tool. Our vision is to to create a writing culture on the ICC campus that advances student excellence and faculty innovation. Due to the high volume of students who use the Writing Center, consultations are by appointment only. Please make sure to plan ahead if a visit to the Writing Center is a course requirement.

Writing Center Goals

  • To provide one-on-one consultations with students wherever they are in the writing process and in whatever discipline
  • To create an inviting space with attentive tutors where the student feels at ease
  • To support faculty in developing writing assignments and using them effectively across curriculum
  • To foster student self-evaluation by engaging in conversation about the student's work and seeking to develop better writing strategies through dialogue
  • To develop a tutor training program that encourages dialogue, diversity, and rigor.

Writing Center Services

We engage students to examine their own writing through dialogue, and our main goal is to develop better writers: that is, more critically aware students with the tools to self-evaluate their work.

  • We offer one-on-one, thirty minute writing consultations five days a week
  • We offer email-based tutoring services for non-traditional students
  • A resource library (topic include: essay structure, grammar, outlines, rhetoric)
  • Workshop-based learning initiatives (i.e. scholarship essays, admissions essays)
  • We will work closely with faculty to assist in the development of writing assignments
  • Provide specific in-class training (i.e. for a non-writing class, we can design workshops for specific writing projects)
  • Provide assignment-based, individual writing conferences for students of a specific class
  • Provide in-class tutors, or writing fellows, that can work closely with a particular class and instructor
  • Through detailed record-keeping, we can also provide feedback and assessment services for sections or individual students

We strongly encourage faculty to include writing in their classrooms, and will be here to support those efforts by working closely with both faculty and students to make writing an effective learning and teaching tool.


The Writing Center has MLA and APA Style guides available in the library and online, as well as an easy-to-use basic research essay outline.

MLA Style Guide

APA Style Guide

Five Paragraph Essay Outline

Contact Information

To make an appointment please stop by our office in the library, or contact Cole Perry at 218-322-2454. Appointments can also be scheduled through email at writingcenter@itascacc.edu.