TRiO Achiever: Marcie Gotchie


My name is Marcie Gotchie, I am currently a junior at the Salish Kootenai College located in Pablo, Montana majoring in the Tribal Historic Preservation Program. I relocated here in the Spring of 2014 after successfully completing the requirements to obtain my Associate of Arts degree and a certificate in American Indian Studies at Itasca Community College.

While attending Itasca Community College I was a member of the TRIO program and the O-Gitch-I-Dah club. The TRIO program helped me succeed in so many ways I knew I couldn’t have- hadn’t it been for the dedicated teamwork the staff had amongst one another. I visited the TRIO office often; I went there if I needed someone to talk to, or if I was having troubles in one of my classes-they were there to assure me I would be okay and will get through any obstacle I should stumble upon through-out my college career.

Upon transferring to Salish Kootenai College I have become an active member of the Student Senate, Salish language student of the year, as well as making the dean’s list fall, winter of 2014 and spring 2015.

I have been selected to partake in an internship sponsored through NASA/KIKSAPA for the Summer of 2015-through this internship I will conduct research to construct literature like material that will identify geographical areas that reside on the Leech Lake Reservation using the ojibwemowin language as an articulated tool to viewing it via internet.

Like the motto says “Great place to Start” - Itasca Community College, it was a great place to Start!

Naagaj-Later, (ojibwe)

Marcie Gotchie