TRiO Achiever: Afton Snyder

I started my ICC journey as a senior at Grand Rapids High School. ICC was a great way to start my college journey. I knew I wanted to go into education from the time that I signed up for classes. I was in the Class Act program. Class Act was an awesome way to get into many different classrooms and real life teaching experience. The experience that I received was unmeasurable. During my time at ICC I felt so supported. I am an only child and my parents are very supportive; but they didn't know a lot about helping me with all the things that go with being in college (books, classes, credits, paperwork, scholarships, etc). I reached out to Elizabeth and my professors a lot. Elizabeth was a great support to go to. And I still do! Starting college can be stressful but, the staff is extremely helpful and great to work with. This is an exciting time and it is even more exciting when you don't have to stress. So, my advice is to, ask all your questions and don't be afraid to reach out for help.

Then after graduating from ICC with my AS, I finished my degree at BSU. I knew I wanted to end up teaching in the Rapids area. So, during my time at BSU I drove every day. I wanted to save money by living at home. I also was able to go into classrooms in Grand Rapids and Deer River districts during my practicum times. I did most of my classroom hours and my student teaching in Deer River. I fell in love with the school and the staff. After completing my student teaching I was fortunate enough to get a job in Deer River.

Reflecting back at my timeā€¦. I wouldn't change going to ICC. It was truly the best place to start. I felt just as prepared to teach as my classmates at BSU who were at a 4 year school from the start. There is something unique about being at a smaller college where you can get a big school education. Do it all. Play it all. Enjoy it all. Work hard. Have fun. You can do it, and it goes by too fast!