ICC provides five parking lots for students and visitors as shown on the map below. (Zoom in on this embedded map for a more detailed view.)

Students and visitors may park in the lots highlighted in green. They are located next to Itasca Hall, South of Wenger Hall and Mullins Hall, and along the East Entry road.

An Employee Parking Permit is required to park in ANY other campus lot. Campus parking lots are routinely patrolled by the Grand Rapids police department. All violators without a parking permit in a non-student lot will have their car ticketed and will be responsible for parking ticket costs. Parking violations, including handicapped parking areas, are handled by the Grand Rapids police department.

Winter Parking Restrictions

Special winter parking restrictions are in place between the dates of November 1 and April 15 to facilitate snow removal. During this time frame, NO OVERNIGHT parking is allowed in any lot except those designated in the Winter Parking Restrictions Map. (Zoom in on this embedded map for a more detailed view.)

Winter parking restrictions apply to the entire campus community, including students and employees (faculty and staff).

Bicycle racks are provided around campus for cyclers. Please do not ride your bicycle on campus sidewalks when pedestrians are present.