Behavioral Intervention Team

Mission Statement

The Behavioral Intervention Team provides proactive assistance to students who are exhibiting concerning behaviors, both to support students and assist faculty/staff.


The Behavioral Intervention Team is a cross-functional assessment group that will respond to students in apparent/potential distress. The BIT has been created to:

  • Collect information from students, faculty, staff, and community members about students who demonstrate, through current or past behavior, conduct of expression that may post a safety risk to either themselves or the campus community.
  • Connect information that is collected into an assessment of risk that may exist. "Connect the dots" regarding problematic actions involving a student(s) that may be known to various faculty, staff, students, and community members.
  • Prevent possible harm by providing support and initiating appropriate intervention/referral based on assessment.

Reportable Behaviors

  • Self-injurious behavior (Suicidal ideation/attempt, cutting behavior, dangerous alcohol/substance abuse consumption, etc.)
  • Disruptive behavior that violates campus community safety (homicidal threats, stalking, assault, cyber bullying, carrying weapons, etc.)
  • Unusual behavior (changes in personality, depressive symptoms, shifts in mood, unexplained irritability and/or lethargy, hopelessness, etc.)

Team Members

  • Rick Kangas - Dean of Student and Administrative Services
  • Ann Vidovic - Director of Disability and Student Support Services
  • Chad Haatvedt - Director of Information Technology and Facility Services
  • Amie Furlong - Student Support Services Counselor
  • Becky Niemi - Faculty / Counselor
  • Brenda Fairchild - Faculty / Counselor
  • Weldon Braxton - Head Football Coach / Director of Residential Living / Student Success Coordinator

As Needed Members

Other college officials as well as community professionals may be asked to serve on the team in specific situations as needed. The team will consult with the Attorney General's Office as needed. The team will meet every two weeks during the regular academic year. In addition, you may contact one of the BIT members.

BIT Referral Process

Sometimes students do not ask for help when they need it. Members of the college community may refer students of concern to BIT by accessing the Behavior Intervention Incident Form at the bottom of this page. The incident report form should be downloaded, completed, and brought to the Student Services Office located in the Backes Student Center. In addition, you may contact one of the BIT team members listed above.

Emergency Situations

In cases where a student may pose an immediate risk of harm of self or others, please CALL 911 to reach law enforcement.

Incident Form