Transferring - Academic Probation / Suspension

Minnesota State Policy for Students Suspended from Other Institutions:

Students on academic suspension from a Minnesota State college or university shall not be admitted to another college or university in the system during the term of that suspension unless they demonstrate potential for being successful in the particular program to which they apply. In addition, students who have been suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons from any post secondary institution may be denied admissions to a Minnesota State college or university.

During the Itasca Community College admission and readmit application process, student academic transcripts from prior colleges attended are requested and reviewed. If it is determines that a student was ever on suspension status at another college, the following will take place:

Active Suspension

When a student is suspended from another college and attempts to enroll at Itasca prior to serving a one year period of non-attendance, Itasca will deny admission and registration to this student until the student has served a one year period of non-attendance or the student successfully appeals the suspension status to the Itasca Community College Dean of Student Affair by completing the Suspension Appeal form.

Inactive Suspension

When a student has been suspended from another college and attempts to enroll at Itasca after serving a one year or more period of non attendance, Itasca will admit and allow the student to register for classes. However, this student will be placed on academic probation under the terms of an academic plan by meeting a term GPA of 2.3 and a term completion rate of 75%.