Admissions Deadlines

Spring 2022: December 31, 2021
Fall 2022: August 12, 2022
International Students: See International Student Admissions

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Admissions Requirements

Itasca Community College has an open admissions policy. This means:

  • You can enroll if you have a high school diploma or a GED. Even without those, you may be admitted if you demonstrate potential for success in college.
  • You don’t have to take a standardized test to be admitted, and your high school grades and class rank are not considered.
  • After you are admitted, you will take a placement test unless you qualify for an exemption based on standardized test scores or previous college coursework. The placement test will tell you if you need to take remedial or developmental courses, which will not count toward a degree, before you can take college-level courses.

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New Students

Follow these application and enrollment steps, if you are a first-time Itasca Community College student. After submitting the online application, we will process your application and send you a letter in the mail. To check on the status of your application, call Enrollment Services at 218-322-2340 or email

Returning Students

If you have not been enrolled for the last three semesters, you need to complete a new application. We want to make sure we have your current address and major.

Visiting Students

A visiting student is a student enrolled in a degree program at another college/university who plans to enroll in one or more courses at Itasca, but not pursue a degree (for example, a student from the University of Minnesota taking online precalculus from Itasca during the summer). If you are taking a class to transfer back to another Minnesota State school, you do NOT need to complete an Itasca application. If you college you are attending is NOT part of the Minnesota State system, you WILL need to complete and Itasca Community College Application. You will receive a StarID and create a password when you apply. To register for classes, sign into eServices with your StarID and password or call 218-322-2320 for assistance.

International Students

An international student is any student who is required to be registered under the federal Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Refer to our International Student Admissions webpage to learn about the admissions and enrollment process.

Additional Admissions Information


If you're from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, or Manitoba, you may be eligible to pay reduced tuition rates under the reciprocity agreement. You can obtain a reciprocity application at the following links:

Transfer students on Academic Probation / Suspension

Students who are on academic probation or have been suspended from another Minnesota State institution must complete the suspension appeal process at Itasca before being admitted to the college.

Student Support Services

Itasca Community College's Student Support Services Program is a federally funded program which provides students who are low income, first generation college students (neither parent obtained a four-year degree), or students with disabilities opportunities to achieve the same success in college as students who have more traditional support available to them.

Veterans Services

Itasca's Veterans Services assists students with benefits applications, offers tutoring assistance, and provides resource referrals.

Native American Tribal Scholarships

Itasca Community College has a large population of students with Native American ancestry. The large number of Native American tribes offer a wide variety of grants and scholarships to tribal members and non-members who can demonstrate their tribal heritage. Requirements and application processes vary widely. Please contact Multicultural Student Affairs Director Harold Annette at 218-322-2353 or for specific information about your tribe's college assistance programs.