Denmark Exchange Program

Think Paris in springtime, and the Eiffel Tower rising above the River Seine. Think Venice, and gondolas on the Grand Canal. Think Europe. Itasca offers an international education opportunity in Europe at the host site of Svendborg Technical College in Denmark. Immerse yourself in the daily life and culture of Europe. Learn about its architecture, history, and art from experts. You'll begin taking classes for your international experience at ICC in January, complete some of them before you leave for Europe in March, and finish other classes during your stay in Denmark. You'll depart for Denmark in early March and return home mid-May.

For more details about the 2018 experience, download the documents below:

The Itasca-Svendborg Exchange

Itasca's students have the opportunity to participate in a European travel/study program as part of the cultural exchange which began in 1998 between Itasca and Svendborg Technical College, Denmark. During fall semester, Danish students attend Itasca and in spring semester, ICC students - escorted by an instructor - study in Svendborg and travel to places such as Paris, London, Prague, Florence and Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen. Copenhagen, known as the "the Paris of the North," serves as a gateway to Scandinavia.

We'll connect you with a host family in Svendborg who will:

  • serve as your local contact
  • give you insight into Danish culture and family life, and
  • provide the opportunity for a lasting international friendship

Svendborg : A Lovely Coastal City

Your home base in Europe will be Svendborg, Denmark, a charming hilly port city with a population of 41,000. It is one of Denmark's most important cruise harbors. Idyllic countryside surrounds Svendborg, while 90 islands lie right offshore. Funen, the large island on which Svendborg is located, is home to more than 100 manors and castles. And within just a few hours, you can be in the beautiful, cosmopolitan capital city of Copenhagen.

You'll attend class at Svendborg Technical College. The college serves 1,100 students at two modern campuses in the city of Svendborg. The full-time faculty numbers 200. Both faculty and students are fluent in English. And you'll have easy email access to family and friends back home.

What Expenses Are Involved?

The cost for students studying in Svendborg in 2018 is estimated at $8,380 (the cost includes 15 college credits, books, airfare, Rail Europe pass, travel insurance, college room and board and lodging for a 10-12 day adventure traveling through Europe). Financial aid and scholarships can be applied to the trip expenses.

What Classes Will I Take?

You will start your international experience at the Itasca campus at the beginning of spring semester and complete the classes while in Denmark. A total of 15 credits can be earned for this study/travel program. Ten to twelve days of travel in Europe are included in these credits. At least 12 of the credits will help fulfill General Education/ Minnesota Transfer Curriculum requirements within the Associate in Art (AA) degree at ICC.

How Do I Apply?

Application for the exchange program is easy. Applicants will be evaluated based on their high school and/or college transcripts and life experiences. Also required are:

  • application checklist (download above)
  • a letter of interest
  • two letters of recommendation
  • student study abroad application/questionnaire (available in
    104 Backes Center)
  • a $250 deposit (applied to your spring semester tuition if
    you 're not selected)

Applicants will be required to meet with a counselor to discuss program expectations and review overall readiness as part of the application process.

For more information contact:

Darla Nelson
Student Services
218-322-2302 or 800-996-6422 ext. 2302

Derek Fox
ICC Instructor