Employment Opportunities

The outlook for employment in the fields of Geography and Geographic Information Systems is excellent.

It’s no secret that having GIS skill significantly enhances your employment prospects and long-term career opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research shows that many fields directly within and/or related to GIS will be expanding rapidly over the next decade—take a look at these expected growth rates!

  • Cartography and Remote Sensing - 20% increase
  • Geographers, GIS Technicians—29%

Keep in mind that employment where GIS skill is utilized spans a very wide range of settings not limited to urban/regional planning, transportation, agriculture, business, environment and natural resources, wildland fire, archeology, law enforcement, disaster response, health/human services, utilities and more!

Job Posting Sites

There are quite a number of sites that you can research to help see the range of jobs that come available within a career. Here a just a few leads…