Alumni Testimonials

Ann Kennedy, Mechanical Engineer

The ICC Engineering program encourages collaboration not only in the classroom, but also provides numerous extracurricular activities to participate in. These opportunities laid the foundation for some of the best memories and lifelong friendships [Read More]

Jacqueline Edwards, Civil Engineer

ICC Engineering provided many opportunities to develop who I am as a person and helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life through a variety of projects. The EPD classes really helped me develop as an engineer by seeing what is out there and allowing me to have projects that interested me and were more personal, not a cookie cutter project. Those, along with the other classes offered, allowed me to learn what I was interested in and what I had no interest in. [Read More]

Ryan Erickson, Mechanical Engineer

ICC was always focused on the individual. That made me as a student feel valued and the faculty were there to help me succeed. Everything from setting up classes for a seamless transfer to supporting all our various projects; ICC does a great job of helping to build a great foundation. “A project I worked on at ICC…” is a common phrase that comes up in conversation when talking about classes and others are always impressed with the amount of projects ICC has in their curriculum. [Read More]

Maria Damiani, Electrical & Computer Engineer

I chose ICC because I knew I'd get real practical experience in addition to theory. And I was right - after ICC I transferred to Michigan Tech and found myself much better prepared to lead labs and projects than the other students in my classes. I gained confidence! I learned to use all the tools in the shop, how to give a good presentation, and how to attack an overwhelming project and break it down into the right pieces. The biggest thing I learned was how to teach myself to do whatever needs to be done to get the job done right! [Read More]

Trey Allis, Agricultural Engineering

Attending ICC was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. The quality of education was every bit as good as, if not better than, I received at a 4-year university, for a fraction of the cost. The instructors are approachable and willing to help you out on a personal level. The friends that I met at ICC remain some of my best friends to this day. [Read More]