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The Associate of Arts degree gives students the freedom to choose from a wide variety of courses within liberal education

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The Associate of Arts Program is the largest program at Itasca Community College, graduating half of Itasca’s students, most of whom transfer to earn a four-year degree. The AA degree provides a broad liberal arts and science education that satisfies general education requirements at every public university in the state of Minnesota. ICC offers a vibrant campus life and student organizations, interdisciplinary events and speakers, and study-abroad opportunities. Small class sizes and personal attention allow students to work closely with counselors and faculty to explore their interests. The Associate of Arts Program is one of the reasons ICC is the best place to start.

The Associate of Arts degree gives students the freedom to choose from a wide variety of courses within liberal education. These choices allow the flexibility to complete general education requirements without committing to a specific four-year major. If students know their major, they can complete both general education requirements and some major field requirements before transferring to a four-year college. Students are urged to check program guide sheets for their chosen field of study.

The Associate of Arts degree also is recommended for students who are undecided about a major. The counselors at Itasca are transfer specialists. They are committed to working with students to ensure that the courses and degree programs selected are transferable to four-year colleges and universities. Students who plan to transfer are strongly encouraged to select a major and set goals early in order to maximize the transferability of the courses selected at ICC. ICC has a gold-star ranking for transferring credits, with one of the highest rates in the Minnesota State system.

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Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Students who are not interested in completing a full associate degree at Itasca may complete the 40-credit Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC).

The MNTC is composed of general education courses selected from 10 goal areas. By completing the 40 credits, a student will fulfill the liberal education requirements at public four-year college throughout Minnesota.

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Environmental Studies Learning Community

If you want to explore environmental perspectives, issues, and science; meet other students and faculty with similar interests; and have the opportunity to participate in fun and educational outside-of-class activities then this learning community is made for you!

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