Philosophy Course Descriptions & Outlines

PHIL 1101 | Introduction to Philosophy | Credits: 3

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Examines views of historical and contemporary philosophers on issues such as what is knowledge, what can be known about reality and what counts as a good, cogent argument. Also discussed are theories of ethics and justice related both to the individual and society.

PHIL 1111 | Ethics | Credits: 3

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An identification of problems that arise when people try to think systematically about conduct, values, and questions of free will. Includes a selection of views about the right and good from the standpoint of the philosophies’ relevance to modern living. Emphasizes issues of freedom and responsibility.

PHIL 1121 | American Indian Philosophy | Credits: 3

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A survey of the fundamental assertions of well-known philosophers and an examination of how these concepts compare and relate to those put forth by traditional American Indian world views.