General Education Course Descriptions & Outlines

GENL 1113 | Careers in Engineering | Credits: 1-3

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This course helps students gain insight to the vast set of personal, interpersonal, and professional topics required for success in engineering education and their profession through a series of community service based projects. This course will enhance their understanding of the engineering design process as members of a team.

GENL 1140 | Leadership Enhancement | Credits: 1

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This course is designed as a self-assessment opportunity for individuals preparing to step into a leadership role. Topics include leadership values and principles, transition challenges for new leaders, situational leadership, team cohesion factors, ethical decision making, and after action review techniques.

GENL 1201 | Introduction to Natural Resources | Credits: 1

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This course is an introduction to the natural resource field. It examines a variety of natural resources, the social implications of multiple and environmental impacts associated with extractive, consumptive, and active uses of the land. The course emphasizes the intersection of the science associated with land managers' decisions, legal requirements of the field of natural resource management and the public's demand for resources.