Pass/Fail Grading Option

Students may enroll in certain ICC courses on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis. While courses in which students earn P grades receive full college credit and count towards graduation, P grades are not counted when computing a student's GPA. However, if a student elects to take a course under the P/F option and receives an F, the F grade will affect GPA. P/F grades become part of a student's permanent academic record at Itasca. Students selecting the P/F option must meet the stated prerequisites for a given class, complete all course requirements, and take all examinations.

Students wishing to exercise the P/F option may do so until the end of the tenth class day of a quarter (fourth class day of a summer session). Application forms for the P/F option are available from the ICC Records Office. Students with questions regarding the P/F grading option should contact a member of ICC's counseling staff.

The following restrictions apply to the P/F grading option:

  • Students may accumulate no more than 12 quarter credits for graduation under the P/F grading option.
  • Students may take no more than one class per quarter (regardless of the number of credits) on a P/F basis.
  • Students who are on Academic Probation will not be allowed to register for any courses on a P/F basis.
  • Students may not choose the P/F option for required (core) courses in career/technical programs leading to the AAS degree.
  • Students may not choose the P/F option for courses required for 1-year certificate programs.
  • Faculty in each discipline will create a list of courses which may be taken under the P/F option, and will also indicate whether the option is available to non-majors only or to both majors and non-majors.
  • Prerequisite courses in the intended major may not be taken on a P/F basis.
  • No class initially taken for a letter grade may be repeated on a P/F basis.