Final Exams

Final Exam Schedule - Spring 2022

Final Exam Guidelines (PDF)

Final exams will be scheduled on campus in two-hour blocks during the last four days of the academic semester. This includes both comprehensive finals and unit or chapter exams which constitute the last exam given during the semester. Such exams, whether comprehensive or unit/chapter tests, are not to be given prior to the four-day period that is set aside. The final exam schedule will be posted in advance on the ICC homepage.

Final exams for evening classes will be held during exam week at the regularly scheduled class time. Final exams for arranged classes will be conducted as arranged by individual instructors.

During the final exam period, faculty are expected to meet their classes on campus at the regularly scheduled exam time. No student will be required to take more than two finals in one day. However, if a conflict arises, the student must assume responsibility for contacting faculty prior to the start of the exam period to make alternate arrangements.

Students will not be allowed to take final exams early. However, in the case of extenuating circumstances, a student may petition to take exams early. Decisions regarding final exams at times other than regularly scheduled exam times will be made by the Dean of Academic Affairs after consulting with the appropriate faculty. Faculty are expected to be on campus and available to students during the final exam period for an average of five hours per day.

Any circumstances that are not covered by the above should be referred to the Dean of Academic Affairs.