Disbursement of Books and Supplies Policy

Pell Grant Eligible students and all other aid recipients are eligible to "charge" their books against their anticipated financial aid as long as they have a valid (non-rejected) FAFSA on file, are not in loan default, are not on financial aid suspension, or ineligible due to a drug offense while receiving Title IV aid. Any charges not covered by financial aid are the responsibility of the student.

Book charging is allowed one week before each semester starts and ends on the 7th business day of the semester. A report is given to the Bookstore manager prior to the start of the book charging period by the Financial Aid Director. It is this report that determines which students can and cannot charge books. Financial Aid Office staff reserve the right to authorize book charging due to extenuating circumstances or college error, if warranted. If students choose to OPT OUT of the way ICC allows for book charging, then students must wait for an overage check to be released to them before they can purchase books on their own or may pay out of pocket for their books at any time.