Academic Forgiveness Policy

Itasca Community College’s Academic Forgiveness Policy is intended to allow a student who has been away from ICC for five (5) or more years, the opportunity to re-establish his/her GPA.

In order to meet eligibility, the student must not have been enrolled in any institution of higher education, including Itasca Community College (ICC), during the five-year period prior to petitioning for Academic Forgiveness.

  1. A student who wishes to petition for Academic Forgiveness must meet with an ICC counselor to review his/her academic history and transcript. If it is determined that the student meets the criteria, the student will complete the academic forgiveness form with his or her counselor. At this time, the student will provide reasons for their previous poor performance along with current educational plans for success.
  2. Once the form is complete and signed by the student and the counselor, it is sent to the suspension committee for review. The suspension committee is made up of the Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services, the Director of Student Services, the Financial Aid Director, the Registrar and faculty counselor(s). This committee will either approve or deny the petition.
  3. If approved, the student must successfully follow these steps:

    1. The student must first demonstrate academic success by completing 12 college level credits at ICC with a minimum GPA of 2.0. The 12 credits need not be in one semester. Forgiveness will only be granted after these 12 credits are successfully completed. These 12 credits will be subject to current academic warning, probation, and suspension policies. Students not achieving a 2.3 GPA for these 12 credits will also be subject to current probation and suspension policies.
    2. Once the criteria for Academic Forgiveness have been met, the student will have a one-time opportunity to identify a specific term prior to the 5 year period of absence, where the student can “draw the line”. All term grades earned prior to this point in time will be excluded from the GPA calculation. These courses and grades will remain on the student’s academic record (transcript) but will be identified in such a way that they cannot be used to satisfy any academic requirement. The exclusion of these courses may not be recognized by other institutions, including transfer institutions.
    3. Excluded courses will still be considered for the determination of Financial Aid eligibility.
  4. Academic Forgiveness Policy is a one-time opportunity.
  5. Evaluation of the policy will be ongoing.

Last updated: 9/11/2011