Assessment of Student Learning

Itasca has been collecting student work for a national assessment project, the Multistate Collaborative, since its inception.

In the most recent year, 88 two-and four-year public campuses across 12 state higher education systems submitted samples of student work to be evaluated by faculty scorers in three areas:

  • written communication
  • quantitative literacy
  • critical thinking.

Artifacts are scored on a 4-point scale:

  • a 1 indicates a benchmark for incoming students
  • a score of 2 and 3 indicate milestones in a student’s education
  • a score of 4 is considered the capstone level. A score of 4 would be expected at the end of a student’s 4-year undergraduate degree.

This collaborative project allows institutions to compare student achievement in these areas. ICC has submitted artifacts from a wide range of faculty, courses, and programs including natural resources, applied psychology, American Indian studies, Class Act, early childhood, and every goal area of the Associate in Arts program and MnTC.

Results show that Itasca students demonstrate equivalent or better achievement of written communication, critical thinking, and quantitative literacy skills than students at two-year colleges across the Multistate Collaborative. Itasca has a goal of 2.2 by 2022 in all categories.

Critical Thinking Student Assessment Scores