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We want to know what your plans are following graduation. The Minnesota State system collects this information to report transfer and employment rates.

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Earn a Gift Card for Your Authentic Reviews
Earn an Amazon Gift Card: $10 for 1 Review | $20 for 2 Reviews

We are seeking authentic reviews from students. As a "thank you" for writing an authentic review, we will email you an Amazon gift card via email-- $10 for one review / $20 for two reviews.

You MUST complete each step below to receive a gift card:

  1. Write one or two reviews:
  2. Take a screenshot of your review(s) and email to

  3. Complete the Prize/Award Payee Acknowledgement Form and email to
    • This form is required by the Minnesota State system for any prizes/awards given to students.
    • Form must be filled out completely and clearly legible. Do not send a photo of the form (must be a PDF).
    • You must include your social security number on the form or you will be subject to taxes on the monetary value of the prize.

If you complete all of the steps above, we will email your Amazon gift card to you at the email address you used in Steps 2 & 3 above.