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Work Study (Student Employment)


This Student Employment page is designed to provide general information about student employment at Itasca Community College. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have specific student employment questions that are not covered below.


Work Study

Work-Study is financial aid in the form of part-time employment. It is available to qualifying students to help defray the cost of attendance. Students can earn an hourly wage paid directly to them on a bi-weekly pay schedule. To be eligible for a work-study position, you must receive an award letter from Itasca Community College that lists either "Federal Work Study" or "MN Work Study." If your award letter does not list work-study, stop by the Student Services Office to inquire about your eligibility for funding through the Blandin Work Program.



Eligibility for the work-study program is determined by a student’s financial need. To determine whether you qualify, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and fulfill all financial aid requirements as requested by the Financial Aid Office. Additionally, students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to be allowed to participate in the work-study program and maintain at least half-time enrollment throughout their employment. If a student drops below half-time enrollment at any point during the term, the student is immediately terminated from the program.


Pre-Employment Requirements **Read Carefully**

Before a student is eligible to begin working, they must first follow the steps below in the order they are presented:


1)  Set up a meeting with the Assistant Financial Aid Director in the Student Services Office to complete employment eligibility paperwork including an I-9, a W-4, an Employment Contract and a Confidentiality Agreement, and to review other important information.  You must complete this step even if you were a student employee in the past as procedures have changed.  At this meeting you will also be provided with a work authorization form to bring along when interviewing for work-study positions.  Appointments can be made by calling (218) 322-2320.


2)  Bring two forms of identification with you to your meeting.  Most typically, students provide a Social Security card or a certified copy of a Birth Certificate as well as a government issued photo I.D. (driver’s license, college or state I.D. card, etc.).  Faxed copies are NOT acceptable.  A list of acceptable identification is available here


3)  Identify job openings that interest you by accessing the Job Openings List or by contacting supervisors directly.  The Current Job Openings List will be available on ICC’s website by August first each year.  You are responsible for finding your own work-study position. Most positions are on-campus, although a few off-campus jobs are available. Contact the supervisor(s) directly to schedule an interview for your desired position. Please be aware that not all supervisors/contacts are on campus during the summer months.


4)  Once you have secured a work-study position, you and your supervisor will be required to complete the work authorization form you were provided.  This must be returned to the Assistant Financial Aid Director for processing.


5)  You and your supervisor will receive an email confirmation when you are eligible to begin employment.  Until you receive confirmation, you are NOT authorized to begin working.


Hours and Pay

You and your supervisor will establish the number of hours you may work per week within the policies listed below and based on funds availability. Violating these policies may result in suspension and/or termination of your work-study position.



  • In most cases, work-study hours are recorded via eTime (electronic timesheets) through the student’s eServices application. 
  • Students are limited in the amount they can earn.  Upon reaching your maximum award, you may request additional work-study funds; however, if funding is not available, you must cease working at that time.  You can check your award balance within your Student eTime application.
  • Students can work up to, but no more than 30 hours per week. However, we recommend you not work more than 20 hours per week so that your academic performance does not suffer.
  • Overtime is not authorized for student employees.
  • If a student is scheduled to work 6.5 or more consecutive hours, they are required by ICC policy to take a 30 minute unpaid break.
  • Falsification of reported hours will result in termination from the program.
  • Late student eTime submissions will not be tolerated and may result in termination.


  • Current student wages are $9.50 per hour.
  • Students are paid bi-weekly on Fridays via Direct Deposit or paper check (Direct Deposit is highly encouraged.  If paper checks are not picked up promptly, they will be mailed to the permanent address on the student’s record.)
  • You can access a Pay Schedule for 2015-2016 that lists important due dates and pay dates here.



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