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College Policies

Policies and Procedures

The following is an explanation of the college's policies and procedures regarding student registration, academic progress and the confidentiality of student records. ICC gives students, through their student government,
the right to present their views as well as make written recommendations about decisions that affect these policies. At Itasca, the Student Association is the governing body of the students.


Academic Forgiveness

Academic Integrity

Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources

three students in a class roomAdd/Drop/Withdrawal/Refund/Return of Financial Aid

Complaint  and Grievance Process for Students

Confidentiality Policy

Copyright Infringement

Criminal Notice

Disbursement of Books and Supplies Policy

Drug and Alcohol Free Campus Policy

Emergency Response Procedure

Fact Booklet (Includes retention and graduation rates)

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

Final Exams

Financial Aid Information Sharing Policy and Procedure

Harassment / Violence Policy & Procedure

Handgun Policy

Immunization Requirements

Leave of Absence

Missing Student Notification

Pass / Fail Grading Option

Posting of Advertisements and Information on Campus

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Smoking and Tobacco Use Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Concern Process

Student Stipends/Leadership Awards Policy

Suggested Lender List/Gift Policy

Title IV Loan School Code of Conduct Policy

Verification Policy/Procedure

Weather Emergency Procedures