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ICC Online: Your Education, Your Way

Today, you don't need to travel to campus to get a college degree. Online programs allow you to take classes on your schedule, at your own pace. You'll still interact with your instructors and classmates — and you'll still have to work hard — but you'll save time and gas money along the way to graduation. And if you want to go to class in your pajamas, no one will ever know.

Online Learner Checklist

Whether you are registered to take only one online course from ICC or are enrolled in a certificate or degree program, there are a few steps you must complete before you can begin your online studies.

Online Course Offerings

Summer 2016 Online Courses
Fall Semester 2016 Online Courses 

Itasca Community College offers the following degree programs online:

Strategic Security Studies, A.S. Degree

The A.S. degree in Strategic Security Studies is designed to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for students interested in transferring to earn a four year degree in disciplines such as criminal justice, criminology, homeland security, terrorism studies, intelligence studies, and emergency management. The curriculum focuses on trends in terrorism, terrorist operations, and the methodologies employed to detect, deter, and respond to terrorist activities. Special attention is placed on identifying behavioral characteristics associated with terrorist operations.

Security Professional 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

ICC offers a fully online, 16 credit Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate. The program utilizes ArcGIS software, a world leader in GIS development and applications. GIS is a vital tool that can be applied to areas as diverse as business, law enforcement, urban and regional planning, forestry, and health and human services. The curriculum reflects input from local, regional and national GIS professionals, and is tailored to prepare individuals with the technical skills and confidence to be productive within the professional GIS working environment.

Forestry Class in woods

Practical Nursing Diploma

The Practical Nursing Program provides carefully selected course instruction (lectures, demonstrations, discussions, computers, etc.) in an online, traditional or blended delivery; and clinical practice (at community health care facilities) which enables the student to meet the basic needs of patients and function as a practical nurse. All of the ICC Practical Nursing classes are online except for the clinical and skills components. For these classes, you will need to come to Grand Rapids about one long weekend per month.

Nursing Students