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Off-campus ICC students who are interested in charging an ICC meal plan against their pending financial aid* can choose among the following options once per semester:


$100 - $150 - $200 - $250 - $300 -$350 - $400 - $450 - $500 - $550 - $600 - $650 - $700  -  worth of food/drink (a la carte) off the menu.


Students who utilize a meal plan do not pay sales tax on purchased items.


*Student must have completed a FAFSA application at ICC before a meal plan can be added.

  • Any remaining meal plan balance at the end of the semester WILL NOT carry over to the next semester.
  • After financial aid has disbursed, students may add funds to their meal plan account in minimum increments of $25.

Complete the Off-Campus Meal Plan Application if you wish to charge your meal plan cost against your pending financial aid.


Please contact the Viking Grill at 218-322-2313 or stop by if you have any questions.

The Viking Grill and Eatery Hours

Monday - Thursday 10:30am - 6:00pm
Friday 10:30am - 4:00pm

 Picture of the viking grill