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Laptop Printing

Our system is now ready for you to install printers from the Campus network.  Instructions are provided below in the form of a short video.

Please note the following details before setting up printing...

  • Your laptop must be connected to the ICC Public wireless network in order to install ICC printers.  You cannot complete this process from a remote location,  nor can you print from remote locations if you are not connected to the campus wireless network.
  • These instructions work for Windows 7 and Vista and Mac OSX.  The process is the same for Windows XP, but the screens might be slightly different.
  • Print/copy accounting applies to printing that you do from your laptop, just as it does from a campus computer.  3¢ / page B/W copies and 10¢ / page color.

You can take advantage of "Follow You Printing" from your personally owned laptop.  In essence, you will be printing to a queue, and you will be able to retrieve your print job from any campus copier.  These are located in the following areas:

  • Davies Hall 1st and 2nd floors
  • Media Center (Library)
  • Wilson Hall 116
  • Dailey Hall Room 115
  • Wenger Hall 2nd Floor

You log into the copiers with your StarID.  Use your ID card and it's much easier.  Just swipe it in the card reader and you'll be logged in automatically.


Windows Users: Click here for instructions setting up printing on your laptop.

Mac users: please refer to these instructions