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Computer Recommendations

Recommended Computer Specifications

Itasca Community College is a Windows® campus.  We encourage you to bring a computer to campus and recommend one with Windows 7.  Any computer capable of running Windows 7  should be adequate for general academic computing purposes.  Students in programs involved in graphic intensive software applications (CADD/GIS/Engineering/Video Editing) may require faster computers with more RAM.  In these cases, the Program Director should be consulted for minimum computer specifications.

Computers with Windows XP or earlier are not welcome on our campus, as those operating systems are out of date and are no longer supported by Microsoft with security update.

Our IT staff can provide technical support on issues related to Windows 7 and Windows 8x, we are beginning to play with Windows 10.  While Macintosh computers coexist fine on our Network, we can provide little support for end users and their Mac hardware.  Other bring your own devices (BYOD) are welcome on campus, and we provide Internet access to them as well.

Windows RT users: Note that the Windows RT platform is not compatible with most software that runs on Windows computers.  If you have such a device, it will perform many functions, but you may not be able to install certain programs used by the college.  We recommend against purchasing computers with the Windows RT platform.

If you are planning to purchase a Windows 8x or Windows 10 based computer, make sure it will run the software you want to run on it.  We cannot assure that any software used by the academic programs will be compatible with Windows 8x or 10..

If you have any questions, please call our helpdesk at 218.322.2440

Recommended Software

Web Browser: We recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your primary browser for our academic leaning systems and for resources that we provide to you.  Firefox and Chrome are supported as well, but IE is recommended.

Office Suite
: We provide all students with online version of Microsoft Office, and you can download and install the Enterprise Version of Office to use while you are a student at ICC.  Login to Microsoftonline.com to get it.  Instructions are on the Student Sharepoint site, or click this link for a shortcut...

– We recommend that you install Microsoft Security Essentials to protect your computer from viruses and malware.