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Student Senate


"By becoming a Student Government Senator, you provide the student viewpoint to the college faculty and administration, you become the link. The goal of the student government is to develop student leadership, encourage team building, promote positive change, and advocate at the campus and state levels to ensure students are being treated fairly."

- Sara Tardy, Student Government President 2007-2008

Our cabinet is very energetic this year, as well as our entire senate. Gabriella Feldt is our President this year. Kat Hays is our Vice President.  Stef Rebro is our Student Life Director.  Alyssa Beaty is our Public Relations Coordinator.  Taylor Gulseth is our Treasurer.  We encourage all of you to come talk to any one of us if you have any concerns or if you want to get involved!

Itasca Student Government is involved in the governing process of the college. Meetings are usually held once a week - Wednesdays at 3pm, in the Library. Anyone is welcome to attend and we encourage all students to get involved.

ICC Student Government is a group of students who:

  • Meet with the college administration to talk about student issues and opinions.
  • Plan fun campus events for the ICC students.
  • Get involved in the college decision-making process.
  • Learn more about how to influence state legislators.
  • Attend Minnesota State College Student Association meetings throughout the state at various resorts.

Have you ever thought of joining? You should! It's fun. Help make a difference and have your voice heard as an ICC Student Government Senator. Becoming a member is easy.  

To find out more about Student Government at ICC you can also 
Check out  the Student Government My Space.

To contact the ICC Student Government call 218-322-2390
or stop by our office in Mullins Hall.

 An amazing group of people, the Minnesota State College Student Association. We were lucky enough to host them at our own campus! Chris and Kayley, exhausted from our fabulous conference! 
 Football game with the MSCSA!!