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Returning Students

All returning students can now register over the web from any computer that has access to the Internet. Before you register you may want to make an appointment with a counselor/advisor. You can call 218-322-2320 to make an appointment with Becky Niemi, Brenda Fairchild, Tom Inforzato and Rick Kangas or 218-322-2326 to make an appointment with Ann Vidovic, Elizabeth Gillman, Jackie Gallop and Amy Furlong. You'll find complete instructions for web registration on the first page of the class schedule. Make an appointment with a counselor or advisor before you register. They can help you plan your schedule. To register, follow these instructions:

  • Select "Current Students"

  • Select "eServices"

  • Your StarID, is your login name when you log into eServices. Your password is the one you created when when you activated your StarID.


NOTE: The number of completed credits are the total credits you have prior to this semester.

 Fall Semester 2015

Monday, March 23               Students with 24 or more completed credits
Wednesday, March 25 Students with 15 or more completed credits
Monday, March 30 All Remaining Students

* Note: Program registration may occur prior to the dates listed above.

New Students

Click here to schedule an appointment to register 

New Students who are registering for seven or more college credits or plan to enroll in an English or math course are required to take the placement test. The test assesses reading, math and computer skills and provides valuable information we can use when registering for classes. Student must bring picture ID to the placement test. Student can test and register on the same day. There is a  short orientation session followed by testing and registration.


Transfer students who plan to transfer credits from another college may be exempt from taking the placement test. Students who attended a college that is not part of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) need to send ICC an official copy of their college transcript. All transfer students should make an appointment to meet with an ICC counselor/advisor to register for classes. Call 218-322-2320 or 218-322-2430.


ACT Test - Students who have a English sub-score of 18 or a reading sub-score of 21 are exempt from taking the English and reading test and are ready for college-level English and reading classes. An ACT sub-score in Math of 22  means students are ready to enroll in college algebra, statistics or contemporary math. Students need to submit a copy of their score to ICC.


Post-Secondary Options (PSEO) students cannot test and register on the same day. For spring semester, PSEO students need to take the placement test by Friday, December 5.  For Fall Semester PSEO students must take the placement test by Friday, June 5. Registration for Fall semester, PSEO students will begin on Tuesday, June 16.


The placement test can be taken at any Minnesota community college. The test is NOT timed, so you may pace yourself. It will begin at the posted time, and on average, students take two hours to complete both assessments (reading and math).


Registration / Placement Testing

Fall New Student Registration/ Placement Test - Backes Center 15

Placement Test Only - Backes Hall 13

Wednesday, March 4 10 am
Friday, March 13 10 am
Wednesday, March 18 10 am
Friday, March 27 10 am
Wednesday, April 1 10 am
Saturday, April 11 10 am

Fall Semester 2015 Placement test and Registration
Backes Center 15

Wednesday, April 15                           9 am or 1 pm                                   
Wednesday, April 22 9 am or 1 pm
Wednesday, April 29 1 pm
Tuesday, May 5 9 am or 1 pm
Wednesday, May 6 9 am or 1 pm
Thursday, May 7 9 am or 1 pm
Wednesday, May 20 9 am or 1 pm
Thursday, May 21 1 pm
Wednesday, June 3 9 am or 1 pm
Thursday, June 4 1 pm
Monday, June 15 1 pm
Friday, June 19 1 pm
Wednesday, June 24 1 pm
Thursday, June 25 9 am or 1 pm
Friday, June 26 9 am
Tuesday, July 7 9 am or 1 pm
Wednesday, July 8 9 am or 1 pm
Thursday, July 9 1 pm
Tuesday, July 21 9 am and 1 pm
Wednesday, July 22 1 pm
Thursday, July 23 9 am
Wednesday, August 12 9 or 1 pm
Thursday, August 13 1 pm
Friday, August 21                 9 am

Engineering Registration - Wenger Hall 206 - Registration / Placement Testing

Wednesday, April 8 3 pm                               
Thursday, April 23 3 pm
Friday, May 8 10 am
Tuesday, June 2                      10 am
Monday, June 22 10 am
Monday, July 20                                     10 am                                

Post Secondary Enrollment Option Registration Sessions - Backes Center 15

Tuesday, June 16 9 am and 1 pm
Wednesday, June 17 9 am and 1 pm
Thursday, June 18 9 am

Note: PSEO student interested in engineering should make an appointment for an engineering registration session. Post-Secondary Option (PSEO) students cannot test and register on the same day.