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Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Be sure that you have a complete job description on file in the Student Services Office, as well as one for your own records.
  2. Notify the Student Services Office when positions are open and when filled.
  3. Do not let a student work until they have a completed a W-4, I-9, and Confidentiality Statement; AND you have received approval from the Student Services Office (typically when you have received a time sheet for the student).
  4. Communicate clear expectations of work performance with your student employees.
  5. Be certain that time sheets are completed accurately and that the certification statement is signed by both you and the student.  Do not sign blank time sheets!
  6. See that the time sheets reach the Business Office by the due date indicated on the work-study pay schedule.  LATE TIME SHEETS WILL RESULT IN STUDENTS NOT RECEIVING THEIR CHECKS UNTIL THE NEXT PAYROLL PERIOD.
  7. Evaluate performance of student employees as requested by the Student Services Office.
  8. Make the job a realistic work experience for the students.
  9. Maintain an accurate record of Student Employment funds available and funds spent.
  10. Call the Student Services Office with any questions or concerns regarding student employment.