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ICC Financial Aid Facts


$9.22 million in financial aid was awarded in 2012-2013.  $4 million of this amount was "free money" to students, given in the form of grants/scholarships. 


95% of students who completed a FAFSA and enrolled at ICC received payment from some type of financial aid. On average, each aid applicant who attended and accepted their aid package received a combination of gift, work-study, and loan aid totaling $9,230.


Financial Aid Annual Report
2012 -2013 Aid Summary

ICC awards a higher percentage of gift aid than other public/for-profit Minnesota schools according to a Minnesota Office of Higher Education study for FY11 published in August 2012. ICC students will be able to complete their first one or two years of school with more gift aid and less borrowing than students attending most other schools.


Schools Gift Aid Loans Work-Study
Itasca CC 50% 46% 4%
All Minnesota Schools 44% 55% 1%
MnSCU - Two-Year Schools 38% 60% 2%
MnSCU Four-Year Universities 29% 69% 2%
Private Four-Year Schools (Not for Profit) 61% 37% 2%
Private For-Profit Schools 30% 69% 1%
University of Minnesota 46% 53% 1%














The Blandin Foundation provides annual funding for seven different financial aid programs. There is $375,000 available to award during the 2014-2015 school year.

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