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Other Services

Bulletin Boards

Designated bulletin boards throughout campus allow student organizations and college offices to post items informing students of events and other pertinent notifications. All materials must be submitted to the ICC Welcome Center or the Office of Student Life prior to posting. Designated bulletin boards placed throughout the campus are to be used only for purposes indicated.

Bus Service

A bus service provides low cost transportation between the campus and several nearby communities each day the college is in session. The service is available from Arrowhead Transit by calling 218-326-3505 or 800-642-6143.

Pre-School Head Start Program

Child Care Building


Head Start is a comprehensive program designed to foster the healthy development of young children from income-eligible families. Head Start provides children with daily nutritious meals and many opportunities for social, emotional, and intellectual growth that can prepare them for success in school and in life. This program also connects children to a healthcare source and provides vital support services to their families.

Consumer Information

Prospective/current students and staff can secure the following information by request to the Director of Enrollment Services or in the Backes Student Center information area on campus: the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report and Drug Free Campus (both are also in the student handbook and on the college website); Completion/Graduation and Transfer Out Rates; and Athletic Program Participation Rates (Gender Equity) and Financial Support.

Crisis and Safety Team

107 Backes Student Center


The Crisis and Safety Team at Itasca Community College is committed to providing students, faculty, and staff with information, support, and counseling to both prevent and assist in dealing with crisis situations. A crisis can be defined as any college or non college event that disrupts normal campus life. Examples include physical assault, death, hostage situation, suicide, bomb threat, hazardous materials exposure, fire, terrorism, rape, stalking, and national tragedy.

Food Service – Viking Grill & Eatery

Backes Student Center, Upper Level


The college cafeteria serves breakfast and hot meals and grab 'n go items. After hours snacks can be obtained from vending machines located in the cafeteria and throughout the campus. Prepaid meal plan options are available; students should contact the Business Office for information.

Health Insurance

104 Backes Student Center


Information on student health and accident insurance rates and application forms can be obtained from the Student Services Assistant.


Parking is available in the student and visitor parking lots. All students who register at Itasca will be assessed a facility/parking fee of $2 per credit. Handicapped parking for persons with disabilities is available in designated areas. Information on specialized parking needs is available in the Office for Students with Disabilities located in the Backes Student Center Room CC14.  Click here if you need a information about parking passes