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A registration period is a time each semester when students, with the assistance of an ICC counselor or program advisor, plan their class schedule. The registration period for each semester is outlined in the ICC academic calendar. Registration consists of the following:

  • Assessment (testing readiness in reading, writing and mathematics)

  • Program planning and approval of the schedule with a counselor or program director

  • Recording of the class schedule with the Student Services office via online registration or submission of approved schedule to Student Services office

  • Payment of fees

Note: most current or returning students may register online. Go to www.itascacc.edu; select “Current Students'" on the bottom left hand corner and then click on “eServices.”

Prospective students are advised to start planning early in order to get the necessary records and transcripts to the college before registration.

Students who attend Itasca with the expectation of transferring later to another college should consult the bulletin of the senior college to determine the prerequisites for studies in the major areas of interest. A student who is planning to transfer should confer with a counselor and plan the entire curricular program at the beginning of the freshman year.

 Registration Assistance

All students have an opportunity to discuss their academic plan with a counselor or program advisor during a registration period prior to the beginning of each semester. During this time, a professional counselor is available to assist students in reviewing their academic background, interest and goals, and in making appropriate immediate and long range plans.

The wide variety of programs, courses, and other opportunities at Itasca reflects the diversity of student backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. Counselors are available to assist students in initial college orientation and in periodic reviews of progress and plans. Prospective students are invited to make an appointment with a counselor in the Student Services office.

 Late Registration

Students may not enroll after the fifth day of classes. Students who enroll between the first and fifth day of class will be required to make up all missed class work.

Late Registration Fee

Students who have not made arrangement for payment of tuition and fees within the first 30 days of the semester will be assessed a $30 late fee.

Changes in Registration

Students may make changes in their course schedules (drops and adds) during the first five days of the semester. Condensed courses are subject to specific application and registration deadlines as determined by the college. A copy of the policy is available in the Student Services office.

Dropped classes do not appear on a student’s transcripts. Refunds are given for partial reductions in credit load through the fifth day of the semester. Students who totally withdraw from classes are awarded a refund based on the schedule established by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (see the General Information section of this catalog). All changes in registration must be processed by the Student Services office.

Program Changes and Withdrawals

Program changes and withdrawals may be made in the Student Services office after consulting a counselor or advisor according to the following regulations:

Adding a Course

During the first five days of a semester a student may add a course after obtaining approval from a counselor and completing registration in the Student Services office.

Withdrawal from a Course

If a student drops a course during the first five days of a semester, the drop will be classified as a registration adjustment, and the course will not be recorded on the student’s permanent record. Adjustments to the student’s schedule will be processed in the Student Services office.

If a student withdraws from a course after the first five days but before the normal withdrawal deadline of the semester, a grade of W will be recorded. No withdrawals from a course may be made after that time. A course that is not officially withdrawn from/dropped through the Student Services office will be recorded on the student’s permanent record with a grade of F.

Total Withdrawal from College

A student who wishes to totally withdraw from college is required to do so officially by signing the proper forms in the Student Services office or the Student Support Services office. Failure to comply with this regulation may deprive the student of refund privileges. If a student totally withdraws during the first five class days, no grades will be recorded on the student’s permanent record. A total withdrawal from the college after the first five class days but before the normal withdrawal deadline of the semester will result in recorded grades of W.