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College Costs


Tuition for a semester is based upon the number of credit hours a student takes. Tuition charges per credit are the same for day, evening or summer session courses. Auditing courses requires the same payment as courses taken for credit. Tuition is subject to change on an annual basis. For 2014-15, tuition is $157.66 per semester credit for resident students; online tuition is $182.62 per semester credit for resident students. Nursing differential tuition rate is $180.79 per credit hour. Regular and online tuition amounts will vary for non Minnesota residents. Differential tuition is applied to all courses delivered fully online. Note: fully online is defined as a course meeting no more than three times face to face.


Senior Citizen Fee

Senior citizens aged 62 and above enrolled for credit may be eligible to take college classes tuition free. An estimated administrative fee of $20.00 plus all other applicable fees per semester credit will be charged to those seniors who apply and are approved for this tuition waiver. This registration procedure is based on space availability after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated.

Special Fees

Note: The dollar amounts of the listed fees are for 2014-15

Student Activity Fee: A $6.95 per credit fee is assessed to provide students the opportunity to participate in a variety of student life activities and experiences.

Technology Fee: A $10 per credit fee is assessed to advance the technological status of the campus. This includes acquisition of computer hardware, software, and other equipment to enhance student learning.

Minnesota State College Student Association Fee: A 31¢ per credit fee is collected from each student each semester, regardless of the number of credits taken. The fee is forwarded to the Minnesota Community College Student Association.

Parking Fee: A $2 per credit fee is assessed to fund capital improvement projects relating to campus accessibility and parking.

Music Fee: Students who enroll for individual music instruction for credit (applied music) will be charged $190 per class. This fee is in addition to the regular tuition.

Other Fees: Special course fees may be required for some physical education, engineering, and varsity sports classes to help pay for usage of off campus sites, uniforms and/or course materials.

The college reserves the right to establish additional special fees for certain courses as necessary.

Estimate of Costs

Based on the preceding information, students may compute tuition and fees for the semester and the year. Books and supplies are additional, and costs vary for each student each semester. The national average cost for books and supplies for a full-time student a ICC is approximately 700  per school year. This may vary depending on the student’s programs and credit loads.

Appeal for Waiver of Tuition

Itasca Community College’s administrative team will waive tuition amounts due to the college for a variety of reasons, such as benefits provided to employees in bargaining agreements, significant personal circumstances, and college errors. Students wishing to appeal tuition should contact  the Dean of Students to complete the necessary student petition.

Tuition Rates for Students from Reciprocity States

Information on reciprocity or reduced tuition rates for students from Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska is listed under “Admissions” at the beginning of this section of the catalog.

Payment of Fees

Tuition and fees are paid each semester. Registration is complete only after the student has paid tuition and fees in full. Tuition is due and payable at the time of registration or before the first class day. A $30 late fee will be applied to a student’s account after 30 days after the start of the semester, if the account has not been paid in full, or a payment plan/deferment has not been approved by the college to extend the due date. The fee will also be applied if the terms of a payment plan are not met.

Students who have not paid or made arrangements to pay tuition by the fifth day of classes will be dropped from their classes for non payment, in accordance with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.12/Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Procedures 5.12.3.

If payment is to be made by a public agency, arrangements must be completed at the Business Office before the first class day.

Students who register for classes but who do not attend those classes and who neglect to follow the proper procedures for withdrawing from college are still responsible for payment of their tuition and fees.