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Assessment Testing

Admission to Itasca does not automatically qualify a student for all courses and curricula. Some courses have prerequisites or required skill levels. Certain limited enrollment programs involve a special selection process.

Students who are new to Itasca Community College and plan to enroll in an English, math, or reading intensive course are required to take an assessment test. This test will assess reading, writing, and math skills and provide valuable information to be used when selecting classes.

Students who meet one of the following criteria and can provide documentation may be exempt from taking the assessment.

The criteria are:

  • The student has a college degree.

  • The student has passed college level English, math, and reading intensive classes with a grade of C (2.00) or better.

  • The student has been assessed within the last three years.

  • Student has an ACT sub-score of 18 in English, 21 in reading or 22 in algebra.

Testing must be completed before registration will be permitted. Schedules of test dates and times are available on the ICC website and from the Student Services office.

 Assessment for Students with Disabilities

Itasca Community College will provide accommodations to meet the needs of all qualified students with disabilities when they take their assessment test. Students requesting this service should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 218-322-2433 prior to assessing.

 Placement for Success

Itasca Community College is an “open door” institution. This philosophy allows all individuals, regardless of prior academic preparation, the opportunity to advance their education.

One essential component of student success in college is accurate course placement. Assessment test scores in reading, writing, mathematics, and computer science are used to determine which courses a student should take at Itasca. All students taking the college assessment test are required to complete the recommended developmental education courses which apply to their chosen college program before enrolling in the college level courses which have particular skill level prerequisites.

Developmental courses at ICC are not intended for transfer; credits earned in these courses will not meet distribution or elective requirements for graduation. However, if students placed in developmental level courses work to develop skills and pass these courses successfully, they will be prepared to succeed in college level coursework.