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Strategic Plan



Itasca Community College provides accessible academic and career-related education which contributes to the social and economic health of the region, empowers learners to meet or exceed their expectations, and fosters critical thinking and civic and global engagement.


Itasca Community College will be a vital resource and community partner providing accessible, responsive and innovative opportunities that empower all learners to realize their full potential and enhance the viability of the region.


Itasca Community College dedicates itself to the following values and will use these values to continually evaluate its mission, vision and goals:

Integrity - Itasca Community College will put its principles into action


Focus on Learners and Learning - Itasca Community College believes that public higher education is key to the success of the people and communities it serves.

Collaboration - Itasca Community College values engagement within the institution and the community in working toward shared goals and the common good.


Responsiveness - Itasca Community College values accessibility. flexibility, and the agility to anticipate and respond to learner and community needs.


Access - Itasca Community College embraces diversity and values service to all learners.

Strategic Direction: Learning Opportunities

Goal 1. Engaged Learners

Itasca Community College will inspire learners to imagine and think critically about themselves, their communities and the larger world, thereby enhancing awareness of multicultural perspectives and providing opportunities for civic and global engagement.

Goal 2. Innovative Teaching

Itasca Community College will build on its successful programs and develop learning opportunities that are innovative and responsive to the evolving needs of learners and their communities.

Strategic Direction: Enhance Diversity and Access

Goal 3. Serve Diverse Learners

Itasca Community College will reach out to people from diverse backgrounds and provide them with learning opportunities and services that respect and draw upon the strengths of their cultural backgrounds and empower them to achieve their educational goals.

Goal 4. Learner-Centered Environment

Itasca Community College will continually strive to provide a learner-centered environment that is inviting, civil, safe, accessible and supportive.

Strategic Direction: Community and Resource Development

Goal 5. Community Partnerships

Itasca Community College will enhance existing partnerships and engage in collaborative efforts to maintain and build the vitality of the college, community and region.

Goal 6. Enhance Resources

Itasca Community College will pursue a wide variety of public and private resources to ensure the ongoing support of its mission and vision.

Foundational Processes

The following foundational processes will be employed by Itasca Community College as it implements its strategic plan:

  • Communicate Openly and Clearly – The college will communicate openly and clearly with everyone within the college and the communities it serves.

  • Use Participatory Decision-Making – The college will invite and utilize the advice, ideas and suggestions of its learners, faculty, staff, and community in order to strengthen the college and shape the future.

  • Respect Diversity – The college will respect the strengths and experiences of learners and community members from all walks of life.

  • Value its Human Resources – The college will provide an environment that fosters continuous development of its faculty and staff.

  • Continually Improve – The college will continually evaluate and improve its programs, services and outcomes.

  • Practice Stewardship – The college will demonstrate accountability through stewardship of its fiscal and capital assets.

  • Utilize Technology – The college will enhance the use of electronic learning tools and processes to support classroom learning and to provide learners with an appropriate range of high-quality programs and services.