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Graduation Requirements

Students seeking an Associate degree, a Vocational Diploma or Professional Certificate from Itasca:

  • Must have on file a high school transcript (or equivalent) verifying high school graduation.

  • Must complete all the requirements with a GPA of 2.00 or higher for the degree or certificate program.

  • Must declare their graduation major.
  • Must complete a minimum of 20 resident credits at Itasca in courses numbered 1000 or above but below 8000. The resident credit requirement shall be reduced to 10 credits for students transferring from another Minnesota community college.

  • Must file an Application for Graduation in the Admissions/Records Office. Deadlines for application are specific to each semester and are available in the Admissions/Records Office.

Note: Courses numbered below 1000 and above 8000 cannot be used to fulfill the Associate degree, Vocational Diploma or Professional Certificate.

Time Limit For Meeting Graduation Requirements

Students attending Itasca Community College will have five years in which to complete their work under the terms of the catalog in effect at the time of their first enrollment. Students graduating more than five years after the date of first enrollment must meet the requirements of the catalog in effect for the year in which graduation occurs.

Graduating With Honors

The GPA used to determine Honors Graduates will be based upon only those courses completed at Itasca.

Degree Requirements

Minnesota’s public higher education institutions have instituted the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MTC). The MTC consists of 40 or more semester credits which meet specific student competencies from the following 10 areas:


Critical Thinking

Natural Sciences

Mathematics/Logical Reasoning

History and the Social/Behavioral Sciences

Humanities and the Fine Arts

Human Diversity

Global Perspective

Ethical and Civic Responsibility

People and the Environment

Students who complete Itasca’s Associate in Arts (AA) degree and hold an MTC GPA of 2.00 will have fully met the MTC education requirements.

Note: A student may complete the transfer curriculum without completing the Associate in Arts degree.

If you have questions regarding the transfer curriculum or wish to see an MTC guidesheet, stop by the Counseling and Career Center.

Transfer Options

For students who intend to continue their education at another college, Itasca offers fully transferable parallel programs designed to help students meet the requirements of four year degrees. Students who plan to transfer should select courses with this goal in mind. When a specific college has been selected for transfer, plans should be made to meet the particular requirements of that institution. Program guides outlining the coursework needed to be taken at Itasca have been carefully reviewed for several schools in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. These guidelines are available in the Student Services One-Stop in Backes Center. Students are advised to meet with their counselors and/or advisors to discuss transfer options.