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Grading System

Letter grades will be assigned in each course as an evaluation of student achievement. A student’s overall progress is measured by the grade point average (GPA), which is determined by dividing the sum of the grade points earned in all letter-graded courses (A-F) by the sum of all credits earned in those courses. The following grading policy is used at Itasca:

Grade Definition Grade Points/Credit

A    Excellent 4.00

A–  Excellent 3.67

B+  Good 3.33

B    Good 3.00

B–  Good 2.67

C+  Average 2.33

C    Average 2.00

C–  Average 1.67

D+  Passing 1.33

D    Passing 1.00

D–  Passing 0.67

F    Failure 0.00

(assigned to courses numbered 1000 or above)

FN Failure for Non-Attendance 0.00

FW Unofficial withdraw submitted by faculty when a student stops attending class.  This is calculated as an "F" grade.

NC No Credit; not figured in grade point average

(may only be assigned to courses numbered below 1000 and to Competency Based Education courses)

Issued for work that is judged average (C) or above; not figured in grade point average

The use of plus (+) and minus (–) grading shall be at the discretion of each instructor.

All grades A through F are used in determining the student’s grade point average.

In addition to grades, the following symbols may be used:

I Incomplete is assigned only in exceptional circumstances and is a temporary grade. It will be given only to students who cannot complete the work of a course on schedule because of illness or other circumstances beyond their control. An I grade automatically becomes an F grade (or NC in the case of courses numbered below 1000) at the end of the next semester (not including summer sessions) if requirements have not been satisfactorily met. Instructors have the option of setting an earlier completion date for the student.

V Visitor, or Auditor, to be declared only at the time of registration. Students requesting to audit a class pay regular tuition but are not required to complete written assignments or to take tests or examinations. No credit is received when a course is audited, and audited credits have no impact on a student’s grade point average.

W Withdrawal from a course is granted only if the completed withdrawal takes place no later than the withdrawal deadline of the semester. The W should normally be student initiated. This action, with the exception of suspension or expulsion, should take place no later than the deadline for student initiated withdrawal and the student should be notified of the action. Under special circumstances a college may give a student a W.

Z in progress

Repeating a Course

Itasca Community College permits students to repeat their courses for the purpose of improving their letter grade. Both the old and new grades remain on the student’s transcript. The repeated course with the lowest grade is not counted in GPA calculation but will count as an attempted but not completed course for calculation of satisfactory academic progress. Classes taken originally for a letter grade must be repeated for a letter grade. Repeats are processed automatically at the end of each semester. However, if a student is completing a block class as a repeat within the same semester they must notify the Registrar 218-322-2320 for processing.

All repeated credits are included in the percent of completion and maximum timeframe calculations. When repeating a course, students may receive financial aid for the course if the previous grade was an F or W. In addition, a student may also repeat and receive financial aid for a course where a passing grade was earned but the grade was lower than what is considered acceptable in a particular curriculum/major.