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Wildland Firefighting Classes

Wildland Firefighter Training

This course consists of three National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) courses; S130  Firefighter Training, S190  Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior and I-100  Incident Command System Orientation. Completing these three classes plus a physical fitness test (Pack Test) will qualify students for a red card certification.

Fire Safety

This course consists of two NWCG courses; L-180  Human Factors on the Fireline and S-133  Look Up, Look Down, Look Around. Students will gain an awareness of human performance issues and how they impact fireline job performance. They will also learn about the fire environment and how to recognize and predict problem fire behavior.

Portable Pumps and Water

This course is NWCG course S-211  Portable Pumps and Water Use. Training includes the safe use of pumps, related equipment and water resources.

Fire Behavior and Effects

This course provides an understanding of how fires behave and how they affect the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the environment.

Prescribed Burning

Students gain hands-on experience in controlled applications of fire to accomplish specific land management goals. Through agreements with the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Minnesota D.N.R.; students participate in prescribed burns.

Wood Safety/ Logging

These courses are NWCG course S-212  Wildfire Power Saws. Training includes chainsaw maintenance, safety and hands-on experience in operating chainsaws.

Wildland Fire Internship

Students gain on-the-job training by working for natural resource agencies in Minnesota and nationwide to gain wildland firefighting experience.

Leadership Enhancement

This course is NWCG course L-280  Followership to Leadership. Students learn leadership and teamwork principals through challenging outdoor exercises.