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Pulp and Paper

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Pulp and Paper Technology Diploma - Official Program Planner

This 36-credit diploma program is designed for current and new workers at area paper companies. The program works to increase skills and knowledge so that companies can become more competitive in the global market. This program is not designed for transfer to a four-year college or university.

Industrial Technology Pulp and Paper, AAS Degree - Official Program Planner


This 60-credit program is more in-depth than the diploma program. Students take more advanced math and science classes as well as work to increase their communication skills. The degree is designed to meet the need for a more qualified and adequately trained paper company technician.

Pulp and Paper Gainful Employment Information

The dense forests surrounding Itasca County provide the raw materials for two of the area's main industries, logging and paper making. The Pulp and Paper Technology programs address the need for qualified and adequately trained technicians to meet the expectations of a technologically advanced workforce within the national paper industry. UPM Blandin Paper Company, located in Grand Rapids, and other area companies support these programs to fill future retirements with qualified workers. Itasca is partnering with the University of Minnesota, the National Science Foundation and UPM Blandin Paper Company in this endeavor. Jobs in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry are among the best jobs in the Midwest. With a typical starting salary of over $40,000, excellent benefits packages, significant opportunities for upward mobility and overtime. These jobs are not for people who want to sit in an office, but for people who want to make things happen. These new jobs require people with advanced skills,people who can troubleshoot complex problems and work as part of a team.

Is Pulp and Paper Right for you?

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