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Psychology / Human Services

Applied Psychology / Human Services, AS Degree - Official Program Planner

Program Description

ICC is the only college in Minnesota that has an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Applied Psychology/Human Services. The A.S. degree is designed to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for students interested in transferring on to earn a four-year degree in a human service related field (e.g., psychology, social work, criminal justice, chemical dependency) or those planning on entering the workforce. The A.S. degree affords easy transfer to other institutions through completion of the MN Transfer Curriculum.  Successful completion of the Associate of Science degree in Applied Psychology/Human Services will provide students with the strong foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for further education and/or employment in the broad area of human services.

If you are interested in psychology, Itasca is a great place to start. At ICC you'll find a wide variety of psychology courses (we offer more than most community colleges) that will help you develop a strong foundation of knowledge during your first two years. Our class sizes are small and the learning environment at Itasca is informal, with students and instructors typically interacting on a first name basis. There is individualized attention and instructors will help students succeed.

ICC also has an active Psychology Club, which provides students with the opportunity to learn about and experience psychology outside of the classroom.

Faculty Profiles

Get to know the faculty who teach the psychology / human services courses! Additional part-time faculty teach courses on an “as needed” basis.

Course Offerings

Psyc 1101 General Psychology (3 cr.) Psyc 2106 Abnormal Psychology (3 cr.)
Psyc 1102 Industrial Organizational Psychology (4 cr.) Psyc 2100 Group Processes (3 cr.)
Psyc 1105 Introduction to Human Services (3 cr.) Psyc 2110 Human Sexuality (3 cr.)
Psyc 1110 Introduction to Chemical Dependency (3 cr.) Psyc 2123 Basic Interviewing (3 cr.)
Psyc 1201 Human Growth & Development (3 cr.) Psyc 2201 Practicum (3/4 cr.)
Psyc 2102 Learning & Cognition (3 cr.)  


A.S. Degree Requirements

  1. 60 credits
  2. Specific program requirements
  3. Grade point average of 2.00 minimum
  4. A minimum of 40 general education credits
  5. A minimum of 20 credits must be completed at Itasca Community College

Employment Information

Students who graduate from the Applied Psychology/Human Service program are well prepared for further education in a variety of fields or a number of human service careers. The sky is the limit!