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Engineering Labs

Engineering Lab facilities offer a place for students to work on individual and class projects.  These projects give students exposure to real engineering challenges, use of equipment, and a chance to solve problems creatively.

ICC Engineering has 3 Labs on campus.

Concept Lab (Wenger Hall)

The  Wenger Hall Concept Lab houses complete tool sets for all first and second year engineering projects and internship work.  In addition to hand tools; the space is equipped with design stations for class required small group work, table top tools such as: table saws, jig saw, drill press, sand blaster,etc.,  and welding facilities.  

The concept lab has an onsite supervisor to teach a variety of tool and machining skills, as well as trained student workers to manage activity and projects in the lab.         



 Policies and Procedures for Wenger Hall Concept Lab


Clean Modeling Lab (Wenger Hall)

The Wenger Hall modeling lab is a clean lab environment designed for 3-D modeling and protyping.  It is equipped with basic modeling supplies and hand tools for completing visual design ideas, as well as 3-D modeling and prototyping machines such as:  3D Rapid Prototyping Machines, a 3D Scanner, CNC Machining Center, and a Laser Etcher.






North Lab (Davies Hall)

The North Lab is ICC Engineering's machine shop.  Here students are exposed to larger floor tools such as the mill and lathe and are learning more extensive machining and project skills. The North lab is under direct supervision of the lab supervisor.