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Mason Hansen



                            Mason Hansen

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Hi, I'm Mason. I teach a variety of engineering and physics courses here at ICC. I grew up in Northern Minnesota and graduated from UMD as a Mechanical and Industrial Engineer. I started my engineering career right here in the pre-engineering program at ICC in the 90s and have been grateful ever since.  My master’s degree is in Mechanical Engineering.

Before coming to ICC, I was an officer in the US Navy, serving as an instructor for the Navy's Nuclear Power Program. Since then I have been active with US Army Corps of Engineers as an operations officer.  As of now I am in the process of closing out my military officer career as a radiological instructor for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the US Air Force. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an engineering student at ICC. A big reason for this was the approach, attitude, and demeanor of my instructors. They had a very positive impact on my life. I came back to ICC as an instructor to share in this positive atmosphere and do my best to “pay it forward”.

In my free time I can be found participating in student events, working on my vegetable farm, getting wood ready to burn for the winter, playing ultimate Frisbee and softball, spending time with my family, reading, and harassing coworkers.

Thanks for taking a closer look at our program!