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Derek Fox




                                                 Derek Fox
                Chemistry Faculty









Hello.  My name is Derek. I'm more affectionately known around campus as DFox. I'm one of two chemistry instructors within the engineering department at ICC.  I've been teaching for six years since completing graduate school in 2005. This is my third year with the engineering department.

When it comes to teaching, I enjoy working with students to develop a proper chemistry construct and to enhance their critical thinking skills.  I teach both classes in the general chemistry sequence and our introduction to chemistry course.  All three classes provide a unique set of challenges, both for me and the students.

Other interests of mine include running, cross country skiing, biking, snowshoeing, and shredding the gnar.  My wife and I own a little acreage and a small hobby farm north of Grand Rapids.  We enjoy spending time outside, working in the garden, and playing with our puppies.  I'm also obsessed with music.  I try to DJ at the local community radio station as much as possible.  If you're down with indie music and discussing topical issues in environmental chemistry, then we'll have plenty to talk about. I look forward to having you in class.