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Commercial Truck Driving (CDL)

Semi TruckCommercial Truck Driving (CDL) Certificate - Official Program Planner

Program Structure - HCC Partnership

Itasca Community College has partnered with Hibbing Community College to bring Hibbing's Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) program to Itasca's campus. Students can take all their courses* on the Itasca campus, but will earn their certificate from Hibbing Community College.

*Note: For the program starting Spring Semester 2017, students must travel to Hibbing for the behind-the-wheel training (approximately 13 times). 

To enroll in the program.

  1. Apply to Hibbing Community College's Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) program, and
  2. Contact Bill Marshall in Enrollment Services at Itasca Community College at 218-322-2340 or william.marshall@itascacc.edu about your plans to complete the program at Itasca Community College.

Program Description

The Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) program offered through a partnership between Hibbing Community College and Itasca Community covers rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. The program includes: classroom education, behind the wheel training, and additional classes for commercial trucking. The required courses are offered at Itasca Community College and the degree is conferred by Hibbing Community College.
Admission Requirements (Prior to the start of class):

  • Approved Minnesota State Student Vehicle Use Agreement
  • DOT Controlled Substance Test