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Class Act Seminar and NES Prep



Class Act Seminar courses are an essential part of the program. This is where students form a learning community, share how their field experiences are going, learn about current educational topics, and work together on class projects. In order to continue in the Class Act Program, students must receive a passing grade each semester. Refer to the Official Program Planner for specifics on when each Seminar course is offered.

The purpose of the Class Act Seminar is twofold:

  • It provides the cohort a designated time and opportunity to share experiences with each other in order to develop a network and support group.
  • It is a vehicle to address issues pertinent to education that may not be given adequate coverage in required Class Act courses.


The Class Act Seminar is structured using the following components:

1. Classroom labs: Each student is required to complete a 35 hour classroom lab in a local school district beginning Spring Semester of their freshmen year. Students should refer to the Classroom Lab guide for further information.

2. Guest Speakers: Guest speakers will present information on chosen topics and themes that align with and complement the curriculum. Speakers include local teachers, principals, and education experts. 

3. Student Website: Students will learn to make connections between their Class Act courses, Seminar curriculum, and classroom labs, and then organize these experiences into individual websites.


Seminar Attendance

Because the Class Act Seminar only meets once or twice a week, attendance is mandatory. The Seminar instructor will provide additional information regarding the course's attendance policy. Seminar courses meet on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.


NEW as of Spring Semester 2016...EDUC Human Relations course!


Students pursuing a degree in the education field must take a number of licensing exams to get a MN Teaching License in their desired field. As students transfer from ICC to a School of Education at a 4 year college or university, they must have taken the NES (National Evaluation Series) Basic Skills Tests. This includes a reading, writing, and math subtest. In fact, at most colleges you must at least attempt (not necessarily pass) the NES Basic Skills before you are allowed to register for classes for the coming year.


Students in the Fall semester of their sophomore year will take Seminar III to help them to pass the Basic Skills subtests. The entire month of November for this course is dedicated to test prep. This course includes going through practice exams together as a class and working both independently and in groups to review concepts. Taking the reading, writing, and math subtests in the ICC Testing Center is part of the course as well. We do everything we can to help you to be prepared to transfer and to be successful.


For more information on the NES Basic Skills follow this link: http://www.nestest.com/