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Class Act Overview

Degree: Associate of Arts (pre-education)



Length: Four semesters - 60 semester credits


The Class Act Program is a joint venture between Itasca Community College and local school districts. The program is a hands-on, experiential learning lab for students who have a desire to become educators. This includes students who wish to become elementary, middle, or high school teachers as well as those who are interested in being a school counselor or principal.

The primary goals of the Class Act program include allowing students to have significant classroom experiences (100 hours total) in their first two years of study and to prepare students to use technology effectively in educational settings. Students are exposed to up-to-date teaching strategies that can be applied directly in the classroom. Through the tweaked cohort-based curriculum, students gain an understanding of how each discipline relates to the educational setting. Class Act students also benefit from the Class Act seminar courses, a component of the specially designed curriculum. The Class Act Program also uses educational adventures to off-campus learning sites to supplement classroom learning.


The Fall 2016 Freshmen field trip was a full day trip to Bigfork, which has a K-12 school. While there, each student got the opportunity to observe in each a K-6, 7-12, and specialist class. This allowed students to see a variety of age levels to help them determine where they would like to be for their Spring field experience. While at Bigfork school Class Act students also got to have lunch with the principal and talk with the counselor about what her jobs entail. This is an annual trip that all Class Act Seminar I students get to attend! 

In the Spring of 2016 the sophomore Class Act students traveled to to St. Cloud to visit STRIDE Academy in St. Cloud, which is a new charter school in the area.  

Class Act students use computers extensively in their courses, preparing them to effectively use technology in the classroom and keep current with rapidly expanding technological opportunities. The Class Act Program also requires that students create a classroom website that they begin in Seminar II.

The Class Act Program was designed in 1997 and implemented Fall Semester 1998. The program is currently in its eighteenth year of existence.


One cohort of up to 30 students is admitted each year. APPLY early!

Career Options:

The AA degree transfers as any other AA degree offered at Minnesota community colleges. Itasca's AA degree with the Class Act emphasis is specifically designed to prepare students for the following professions: elementary teacher, middle school teacher, secondary teacher, college instructor/professor, school counselor, and school administrator.

Grade Point Average Policy:

Because Class Act is a special program at ICC and students graduate with special distinction, the Class Act Program also has special requirements.  One of these requirements is that students maintain a 2.5 overall grade point average.  If a student falls below the 2.5 GPA for one semester, they will be place on Class Act Probation.  A student who falls below the 2.5 GPA for two consecutive semesters will be dropped from the Class Act Program.