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Class Act - Education

Class Act / Education, AA Degree - Official Program Planner


                                              Sophomores 2017     

                                              Freshmen 2017 


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Class Act: A unique teaching program for future educators!!

logoThe Class Act program at Itasca Community College is a specialized teacher preparation program that's one of a kind in northern Minnesota. The coursework, the learning environment, the adventures, and the curriculum are specifically designed for educators. Students experience hands-on, real-life experiential learning at its best in classroom labs and via a specially designed curriculum for education majors. You'll become an educator in a totally new way that prepares you to teach in the 21st Century.


Auditions Open for Class Act!

This is your chance to show up for life. You can join this unique community of learners at Itasca Community College. You'll spend two years at Itasca and two years at a four-year college or university, where you will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.



We're Looking for You!!

  • High school seniors who are representative of cultural, racial, economic, geographic and ethnic diversity.
  • Adult/non-traditional learners who are considering a career in education. It's never too late to begin in this profession as a teacher, counselor, or manager.
  • Personal qualities: a desire to explore the world of education, a calculated risk-taker, a team player, and a self-  starter who is curious and motivated to learn.

Major Program Components

  • Classroom Field Experiences: Class Act students are paired with local master teachers to complete 100 total hours of paid classroom field experience. Yes, PAID! Classroom experientials are available in preschool, elementary, middle and secondary settings. This includes observation and working with students to ensure that teaching is the right path for you. 
  • "Tweaked" Curriculum: Class Act students take the same courses other students at ICC take, but courses taken as a Class Act cohort are "tweaked" toward education. Class Act students receive an Associate of Arts degree, which transfers to a four-year college or university.
  • Educational Adventures: Class Act students are offered the chance to participate in adventures to educational sites, such as charter schools, elementary, middle and high schools, and to four-year colleges and universities.
  • College Visits: Class Act students will take day trips to St. Scholastica and Bemidji State University in the Fall of their sophomore year

For questions about the program please contact:

Anna Francisco, Class Act Coordinator/Instructor

anna.francisco@itascacc.edu  OR  218-322-2368


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